Valentine’s Day Crafts

From candy to cereal, crispy treats to school supplies, here are some awesome ideas for your kids Valentine’s Day cards. And a bonus Pre-school friendly card as well!

Parenting 411: Valentine’s Day Crafts

Kids Valentine’s Day Cards That Rule!

VDay Cards 1

Trying to find Valentine’s cards for your kids can be a challenge, especially if there are rules on what you can and can’t bring to school. Some schools may have restrictions on candy or certain food allowed and some students may suffer from allergies that limit your choices. This is the perfect solution for your child’s Valentine’s Day school party that is super cute and easy to make yourself. (So easy, the template is provided for you!)

VDay Cards 2

Source: Kids Valentine’s Day Cards That Rule!

Best Kids Valentine’s Day Cards Ever!

Valentine's Day CardsValentine’s Day is upon us, that means getting the kids ready for their school party. These Star Wars crispy treats cards are not only timely (with the popularity of The Force Awakens movie), but fun and easy for kids to make too! And really, you can use any movie, book or cartoon character your kids love.

Source: Best Kids Valentine’s Day Cards Ever!


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