The moment I found out I was pregnant, I was…scared! I was in tears, I didn’t know what to do or what to expect, and we weren’t even trying! I was a thirty-four year old, gainfully employed, married, homeowner and scared to death! When the doctor told me I was going to have a baby and it would be due around September 15th, my first response through tear filled eyes was, “That’s the weekend of the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival.” Then I took a breath and continued, “I don’t know anyone who gets pregnant like this.” Most of my friends and family had to make appointments with fertility doctors, who did what they did, and they made the babies and implanted them at the next appointment. My doctor handed me a box of tissue and referred me to some very capable midwives. And that’s when the journey began!

Azul is now my little partner and my constant companion. I like him, I think he’s funny! And my Rude Awakening Parental Moments and Azulisms have been a way to document the things he does and says. As lucky as I am to spend so much quality time with him, I am also lucky to have some time to myself. I have always gotten into interesting situations and I have the unique ability to laugh at myself and wonder, is it just me? The answer is usually, yes, It’s Just Me.

popcornPopcorn for breakfast! 9:30 a.m. movie.

superheroMy little superhero and me.

Teaparty2014Our first formal Tea Party.

Owner/PhotographerMy new favorite pic!

IMG_5126 2015’s pic of the year.

Thank You.

8 responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my page, I enjoy reading yours!

  2. The beauty just keeps on keeping on in your family. I love the page. : )

  3. stephanie vickrey | Reply

    The 2 of you compliment each other some things happen for a reason. Enjoy every minute you can. They grow up too fast. I got pregnant with Ronnie on birth control, 3 months after Jim and I got married. Somethings just work for crazy reasons.

  4. Loved hearing stories on the radio and am looking forward to reading them. Had fun living a few of them as well. I am so glad that your “happily ever after” so far is a lovely one!

  5. I’m not a blogger really (just a facebooker lol) but i am looking forward to this! 🙂 You’re stories and “Rude Awakenings” crack me up and help me with my 5yo who sometimes does the similar things… YAY Carmelina!!!!

  6. You have insights to share, as well as amusing incidents to share — things from which the rest of us can learn while being entertained. Thanks.

  7. Carmelina, you are very funny! I became your fan when you were on the morning show with Tony and Myles. The three of you, especially Myles and you were hilarious, plus your laugh is so infectious! Yes ma’am, you are a funny lady!

  8. Helene Tafoya Tapia | Reply

    Love it!!! Carry on…

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