Ghoulish Donuts

Ghoulish donuts

Occasionally, time is of the essence and a full-blown, hand-made, healthy class treat is out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send your kids to school without an awesome snack. Try these Ghoulish Donuts … they’re a scream!

Ghoulish donuts 2What you need:
Donuts – one for each kid in class.
Plastic vampire teeth – one for each donut.
Small circular candies – two for each ghoul.







Ghoulish donuts 3First, buy the donuts, or you could make them if you are feeling hauntingly motivated. Then gather the kids around to start working. Everyone has a job to do.







Ghoulish donuts 4Step 1 – Cut the plastic teeth at the bend. This makes it easier to insert them into the donut holes.








Ghoulish donuts 5Step 2 – Insert the top and bottom teeth into the donut hole. You just made the perfect mouth.








Ghoulish donuts 6Step 3 – Place the eyes above the mouth. Yup, you know where eyes go.








Ghoulish donuts 7Boo! You’re done!

It’s almost scary, how quickly you’ll get these finished.

Happy Halloween.

Say What? 


At one time or another we have all received a backhanded compliment, that statement that really isn’t an insult, but definitely not flattering. Even kids know when something isn’t quite right with an overly cordial comment, and all in all, if you have to ask, then you already know the answer.

“Is that a compliment or an insultment?”

Family Travel

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