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Birthday Best

At the end of the evening, walking hand in hand to get Azul’s pajamas on, he turned to me and said, “I had a good birthday. You’re the best Mommy I ever had!” I hugged him and said, “You’re the best Azul I ever had.” That was the best present I could have received, other than the one five years ago.

Small Packages

Last night there was a ring at the door, which usually means we have a delivery. Azul loves when we get deliveries, especially so close to his birthday, and he ran to the door. Sure enough, a package, addressed to me sat at our doorstep. I knew what it was and Azul ran to get the scissors. “What did you get me?” he enthusiastically asked. I replied, “It’s for me.” He saw right through me and asked the question again. I think this is when he sensed a sign of weakness in me. I came clean, “Okay it’s for your birthday, but you can’t open it until it’s your birthday.” He then moved on to the interrogation: “Is it a toy? Is it a game? Is it Legos? Is it Star Wars Legos?” My answer remained the same, “No.” With his hands on his hips he sternly said, “Prove it to me!” There was a pause and then we both started laughing and I said, “Good call, if I proved it to you then I would have to show you.” A quick “Yup!” and the questioning continued as he went through the toy catalog on the kitchen counter. I held strong and didn’t give up the contents of the package, but he almost had me there.

Party Animal!

Azul just asked, “How many more days till your birthday?” I answered, “Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and the next day is Sunday — that’s my birthday.” I rarely answer his questions directly. But he got very excited. “Wow, only two more days! We better start celebrating!” Wide eyed, I nodded and said, “Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” He continued, “We should have hog dogs and watermelon, those are for parties.” Oh, my little party animal. Love it! I might make a couple of changes, I don’t eat hot dogs and will probably pour vodka on the watermelon, but YEAH, let the birthday weekend begin!

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