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It has only been the first week of 7th grade and I have already learned new things. First, karate is taken seriously at my (not so) little constant companion’s middle school. Second, apparently these things (see picture above) are not self contained and need a strap of some sort, something that resembles underwear much more than a strap, to keep them in place. Now to be fair to my ignorance, I did wonder how this thing stayed on, but just capped the conversation with silent confusion. 

I could just imagine my son’s karate kick high in the air, when an unidentified flying object would propel out the bottom of his pant leg with a stern aim for the gym coach, SMACK in the middle of his head or even worse the sweet girl he texts with! Of course that never happened, but I saw it in my mind. 

How am I supposed to know how these “support things” work? My Spanx all come in one piece. But, it does make me wonder what else I’m going to learn in middle school.

7th grade get ready, here I come. 


IMG_1385“Don’t be so impatient with me,” was my response to an eye roll and sigh of disappointment for my delayed click of the mouse. “I taught you how to eat with a spoon!” I continued, snapping back at my nine year-old. Yes, just a glimpse into my superior (a.k.a embarrassing) parenting skills.

It really is amazing how much my son has learned to this point. I have witnessed him being unable to survive without complete parental support to now navigating though various computer screens researching birthday vacations on his own. From putting his shoes on the wrong feet to now wearing suits. In addition to his fashion, computer and travel skills, I am now talking to his teachers about types of literature and multiple levels of place values he will explore this year. This all after a compliment taken in stride on his sharp appearance. 

My soon to be tween is entering the fourth grade and my emotions have shifted from first-day-of-school tears to awe. Instead of crying because he is getting bigger, I’m excited because he has gotten so big.  He is a little person with so much ahead of him, I can’t wait to see who he becomes. But before that, watch out, he is headed straight for the fourth grade! 

An Ill Advised Education

As a parent, I have learned that every moment is a teaching moment, and as cliché as it is, it’s true.

Right now is back-to-school time and that means shopping. While we were in our second hour of searching for school supplies at the store, things started to get little crazy. Azul was singing and dancing to the brand names of spiral notebooks and I was seeing double. This was shopping insanity, of course surrounded by the ambience of fluorescent lights, screaming babies and confused parents.

Then came this …

“Yoobi!” My third grader sang as he struck a pose, looking right at me. I focused my gaze on him, and to a familiar tune replied, “You be illin’, don, don, don, don, don, don … ricky, ricky, rick!” (Of course emphasizing the last “rick” and air scratching on my air turntable.)

He had no idea what I was talking about (that scenario happens a lot between the two of us and it goes both ways), so with a quick Google search, the volume turned up – the education began. We listened to the music, walked through the store, focussed, no longer hearing the cries of babes.

Education is everywhere, and I truly do believe every child deserves the knowledge of Run DMC. This may become our new back-to-school anthem … (ricky, ricky, rick!)

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