It has only been the first week of 7th grade and I have already learned new things. First, karate is taken seriously at my (not so) little constant companion’s middle school. Second, apparently these things (see picture above) are not self contained and need a strap of some sort, something that resembles underwear much more than a strap, to keep them in place. Now to be fair to my ignorance, I did wonder how this thing stayed on, but just capped the conversation with silent confusion. 

I could just imagine my son’s karate kick high in the air, when an unidentified flying object would propel out the bottom of his pant leg with a stern aim for the gym coach, SMACK in the middle of his head or even worse the sweet girl he texts with! Of course that never happened, but I saw it in my mind. 

How am I supposed to know how these “support things” work? My Spanx all come in one piece. But, it does make me wonder what else I’m going to learn in middle school.

7th grade get ready, here I come. 

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