Young Guns


For some reason Azul loves playing “guns” — all the time. He draws guns, he draws his “army men” with guns, we watch Star Wars and reenact the action, he plays with his Star Wars Legos and creates battles, and we play chase, shooting each other, all the time. He has turned everything into a gun, from golf clubs to flower stems, they all end up being weapons. So, of course, Azul and I were running around the house playing attack with our hand guns (you know, where you have your pointer finger out and your thumb up), when I got shot. Azul announced, “I shot you in the butt!” In my best I just got shot voice, I said, “Oh no, not shot in the butt!” Then he started jumping and singing, “Right in the butt! (Pause, pause) You do it in the butt! (Pause, pause) Right in the butt!” (Pause, pause) You do it in the butt! Over and over. It was very catchy and hilarious! After enjoying myself for a few rounds, I stopped and thought, oh, I hope he doesn’t sing that at school.

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