Candy Crush

Most afternoons around 3-ish to 4-ish, Azul usually has a snack and watches “his” shows on PBS to wind down his busy day of pre-school and playing. His shows, and he has claimed them as his, generally consist of “Arthur,” “Wild Kratts” and “Word Girl.” His snacks are mostly dried fruit, some veggies and maybe some type of cracker.” This afternoon I gave him a bonus cookie! I was expecting a very enthusiastic round of appreciation, but after a few minutes, in a crying voice he said, “My tummy hurts from that Oreo.” I looked up from the kitchen sink and he continued, “I think I need a candy instead.” I smiled and responded with, “Well, give it to me, I’ll eat it.” Of course ignoring the candy request. Without missing a beat he smiled back and replied, “Sorry, I ate it all!” Nice try, but his candy dreams were crushed.

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