Lesson in Love


On the way to school this morning, I received some disturbing news. Apparently Azul’s new preschool is a tiny Melrose Place and Azul is right in the middle of it. Azul told me he has a girlfriend and my immediate reaction in my head was, who is this hussy, but what I said very calmly was, “Oh, a girlfriend, what is her name?” He answered, “Marisa.” I wanted to know more, asking, “Does anyone else have a girlfriend?” This is when the conversation got going and Azul was ready to start talking, a.k.a. gossiping. “Owen and Grace are crazy,” he said. I probe deeper, “Crazy, why?” Azul explained, “They hug all the time! And they are always with each other!” I ask, “Do you and Marisa hug all the time.” He replied, “No, not all the time, sometimes.” I giggled and asked, “Is that why she’s your girlfriend?” while thinking, bitch — step off! Very nonchalantly he said, “No, it’s because I like her.” Still in an even toned voice I said, “Oh, you like her.” There was a brief pause and then, “But, you’re still my loving Mommy.” I smiled and thought, that’s right! But said, “Yes, my love, have a good day at school.”

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