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I have always felt extremely lucky to still have my Grandmother around and much more for Azul to have a Great-grandma. They had very unique interactions that belong to only them, and I am glad he was able to see her on a weekly basis, if not more for the first five years of his life. A few weeks ago Azul was playing “Costco” and setting up his samples, of course they were in the form of different sized pieces of yarn, and he was getting his work day started. They were all delicately set up on the coffee table in the living room right next to Great-grandma’s chair. Azul announced, “Turkey Beef, get your Turkey Beef samples.” There was no reply from Great-grandma, either she couldn’t hear or didn’t want to play so she was ignoring the sample person, like we all do a one time or another.  So, Azul not giving up, walked up to her and asked, “Are you a vegetarian, because I have Turkey Beef samples?” To Great-grandma’s surprise at the question, she replied “Oh, no, I’m Catholic!” They both seemed satisfied without really understanding each other.

I am going to miss that.


Crucita Rose Gonzales – December 4, 1921 to October 2, 2013

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