Dashboard Cookies In 3 Easy Steps

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I truly love to play with my seven year-old, so I am always looking for fun things to do at home with my son. This was not only fun, but satisfied my cravings and eliminated the funky smell in my car. Definitely try it!


On The Rocks

We are in the middle of a heat wave, hitting triple digits in most of the Southwest; it is hot! So hot, my car is reading 105 outside and when I tried to measure the temp inside, the thermometer exploded. That’s how hot it is. So, put that heat to work and do some baking. In my first attempt to bake cookies it the car, I was surprised how easy it is and BONUS — my car smells amazing.

Step 1 – Purchase some refrigerated cookie dough. (You can make dough too, but don’t exert yourself, remember, it’s hot.)

Step 2 – Place the cookies on a cookie sheet. (Or let your kids do all the work.)

Step 3 – Place the cookie sheet on the dash in the car.

Then just check them periodically for doneness. It took about 3 hours to bake.

Voila! Cookies! The oven stayed off…

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