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Lighting The Way


It is 3:22 in the morning the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and again I am secretly cursing my neighbors whose Christmas lights are shining in my bedroom. There are two issues I have with this most uncourteous display of holiday spirit: 1) These lights are displayed on the BACK side of their house and 2) It’s 3:22 IN THE MORNING!!!

The last time I bitched about this total disregard for others was on January 17, 2014.



What is the “common courtesy” when it comes to Christmas lights? Is there such a thing? And if there isn’t, should there be?

Well, this is the beautiful, full of Christmas spirit blue glow I have had the pleasure of experiencing through my bedroom windows since late November, from about five in the evening till about seven in the morning, and still am! I love holiday lights and love the spirit that accompanies Christmas. But, there has to be a point where it ends, where you are able to say good-bye, move on and continue with your new year.

My bedroom is in the back of the house and I will add that this beautiful view of my neighbor’s house is the side and back side of the house, not the front, street side that we all decorate and appreciate when we drive by. What is the purpose of lighting up the back of your house, other than to irritate your neighbors who stare in the middle of the night at the light shining through their window and get bitter and angry because that light is keeping them awake?

I understand that some people, for reasons beyond me, leave their lights up all year, but for the love of the Baby Jesus’ birth, if you leave them up, please don’t leave them on!

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