Not so fast!


I had been looking forward to a day of relaxation at a local spa and bath house for quite some time, and that day was finally here! My plan was to get there early and soak in their outdoor tub, then get a massage and then soak some more. I wore my bathing suit, an unassuming, full coverage, one-piece, black suit I always use when I soak, under my cover-up so I could start relaxing the moment I got there. After my massage, I put my bathing suit back on and went outside to the “women only” pool. This is the pool where, obviously, there are only women, and many of them strip down to the buff in a comfortable atmosphere. After looking around (I know I’m not supposed to be looking, but there is all this skin and hair everywhere), finally, I spot a lounge chair, lay back and get comfortable. I had just gotten a massage, my body felt good, and after peeking at my companions I was feeling pretty good about myself too. I started thinking, why am I ashamed to get naked when these ladies aren’t, what am I afraid of, I look alright. And that’s when I did it. For the first time ever, I slid out of my suit, and the sun felt awesome. It was a beautiful bright Fall day and I took full advantage. Well they say “All good things must come to an end,” and they did, but I felt rejuvenated and also got a bonus self-esteem boost… until evening rolled around. There may be a reason all those parts never see the light of day — THEY GET BURNED! And I was, figuratively and literally.

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