Sweet Sacrifice

Azul, my now five-year old, has been going through a stage, or at least I hope it’s a stage, of sneaking and hiding candy. I have found it in his bed, under his bed, behind his bedroom door and in the closet. All the places you would expect candy to be hidden, it was. He basically gets to eat all the candy he wants, so I have explained that there is no need to be sneaky. This weekend, while we were running errands, Azul kept limping and having what seemed like trouble walking. I repeatedly asked him if he was hurt or if his shoe was on wrong and his answer remained that same “No.” He even, at one point, took off his shoe to show me it was okay. starburstSo, I let it go, but being the keenly observant parent I am and after an afternoon of hobbling, I told him to take his shoe off and…There it was — a hot sweaty orange Starburst! It was gross and I asked the obvious, because that was the first thing to come to my mind, “Is that what you’ve been hiding?” And we both started laughing at the abuse the poor candy took throughout the day. Of course, I then asked laughing, “Are going to eat that?” His answer still didn’t change, “No.”

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