Azul spent quite a bit of energy being mad at me this afternoon. He is actually very good at going to his room when he gets mad, and that’s where it started. Soon he ventured out of his quiet place, with his brow furrowed and his bottom lip hanging out, grabbed his orange Crayon and a piece of paper and asked, “How do you spell ‘do not disturb?'” So, I started with “do” and he wrote it and said, “Can you write the rest?” I asked, “You want me to write the sign, kicking me out of your room?” His answer with a smile was “Oh yeah,” grabbing his crayon, “What’s next?” I spelled it out and he finished writing his formal announcement of banishment and marched back to his room. He came back out again, this time asking, “Can I have a piece of tape, please?” I gave him the tape and he continued his work and closed the door. I wondered how long this will last.



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  1. When JS was about that age, he had me help him write a “keep out, Jesus” sign for his room. Our cat had just died, and I think he was afraid Jesus would be coming to take him home, too! We now have religious channels blocked on the tv.

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