Now That’s Sick!


It happens to all of us and now was my turn, I picked up a bug and I am SICK. Not sure if I got it from the gym, lots of people and lots of germs, or at the kid’s birthday party we went to this weekend, lots of kids and lots of germs, none the less I am down. The moment I started to feel that soreness in my throat I was ready to be proactive, with excessive amounts of Vitamin C, spraying Zicam in my mouth, and rest. My family left for the day so I could sleep. Whew! I needed that.

I’m not sure if my low immune system is affecting my emotions, but Azul has said some of the sweetest things to me in my weakened state. He kisses my hand, because he doesn’t want to get too close to me, and every time he does, he asks, “How are you feeling?” and then runs away as fast as he can. Awww…

At one point, he said, “Mommy, if cold wipes out hot, I know what you need!” And he returned to my makeshift wellness center (okay, it’s just my bedroom) with the largest frozen block ice we have (you know, the blue plastic blocks that fit in between your cans to keep them cold in your cooler). Well, now it’s mine, to use for my fever. Thanks! That was some good thinking.

I did venture out to the couch for a few hours. I was just tired of laying in my fever-drenched bed, and Azul told me, “I wish you weren’t sick,” in the sweetest, most empathetic voice you could ever hear. Followed by, “I’m bored and have no one to play with!” Oh, he is so worried about me.

The next morning on his way out to school, he woke me up and again expressed his concern: “Mommy, when you feel better, get up and eat something.” My blurry-eyed reply, “Okay, thank you, my sweet love.” I rolled over in bed. That was sweet, these are the moments that make parenting worthwhile. Now, where is the NyQuil.

Another day of rest for the weary, and that evening when Azul got home, he ran in and asked me, “Are you feeling gooder?” I responded, “Yes, I am feeling better, thanks for asking.” Then he said, “I’m glad you’re feeling gooder.” Yeah it’s worth it!

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