You’re in…trouuuble!


There is an interesting phenomenon that happens in the parent/child relationship and it has held its potency over the ages. It’s the moment your mom is so mad at you, you get called by your full name! I shudder thinking about it. We all understand that as the universal sign of, “Oh no, I’m in BIG trouble and need to respond immediately.” And with head hanging low, knowing the fun is over, we do.

So, a few days ago Azul and I were out and about, and we ran into some of my friends, so we stopped to talk with them. I know I can talk a lot, and sometimes if the conversation is good I can really talk a lot.

I guess Azul was feeling a little impatient with the amount of time I was taking and all of a sudden I heard, “CARMELINA HART!!!” My six year-old was yelling at me, a stern look on his face and clenched fists at his sides.

He pulled the old mom trick on me and it worked. I knew I was in trouble. I said my good-byes and responded to him immediately, thinking, Ugh! He never lets me have any fun.

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