Never Say Never

Sometimes it is a free-for-all at my house while Azul and I are trying to entertain ourselves. This afternoon, it led to two “nevers” (those moments you never thought you would ever experience) in one interaction. One came from me and the other from Azul. He was playing “disguise;” I was told to stay in the living room — okay easy — while he was sneaking from bedroom to bedroom finding the perfect way to fool me. When he finally revealed himself to me, he had on a hat, sunglasses, and lipstick all over his mouth. He asked, “Do you recognize me?” After laughing out loud at my son, I said, “No! There is a stranger in my house.” This got the game really going and he ran back to the bedrooms giggling with a new idea.  A few minutes passed, and the second time he came out he had added to his wardrobe. NeverNow, he had on a pair of my platform sandals and a bra, and here comes the first never. I never thought I would hear my son singing repeatedly, “I get to wear the chi-chis! I get to wear the chi-chis!” At this point we are both laughing uncontrollably and I did help him adjust his bra, or “chi-chis,” so I could take a picture. And that’s when the second never happened. I came in close to help him, saw it and said, “Oh, my love, you got lipstick on my bra!” I couldn’t help thinking, I can’t wait for daddy to get home.

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  1. I stinkn love that little guy’s creative mind and you’re little adventures together. Too funny!

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