Gummy Bear Hug!


It is common knowledge in my household — Azul has a huge sweet tooth! And as long as he asks and it is within reason, not right before dinner, he is allowed to eat candy. This is an everyday occurrence, so to my surprise, this afternoon when Azul asked, “Can I have some Gummy Bears?” I was not ready for the reaction coming. I shrugged my shoulders and answered, “Sure.” He jumped up and down, dancing and yelling, “Woo Hoo Gummy Bears, out of control! Woo Hoo Gummy Bears, out of control! A fresh bag of Gummy Bears!” Following his victory dance, he ran to me with his arms in the air, saying, “You deserve a kiss and a hug.” Now, according to him, I’m the best Mommy he has ever had! With his little arms tightly wrapped around me, I thought, even though it is based on glucose sugar, citric acid, and random flavorings, I’ll take it!

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