Picking Up The Split


Azul, my five year-old, was invited to his first Birthday bowling party today, and while I was getting ready, all I kept wondering was if I was going to be able to have a drink. Come on, we’re at a bowling alley, bowling and drinking go hand in hand! But, I’ll be with Azul’s schoolmates and parents; parents I have never met before. We’re all adults, no one should have a problem with an adult having an adult beverage. But, how embarrassing if I am the only one with a drink. I really want a Bloody Mary. I do know one set of parents of Azul’s friends and they drink. I wonder if they’ll be there? I do hope they will be there. But will I look like a neglectful parent if I have a cocktail? If another parent is having a beer, maybe I’ll have one. A beer! What am I thinking, a drink might seem a little classier. I’ll have a Bloody Mary, that sounds good. But only if another parent is drinking. What am I worried about? I don’t know these people. Ugh! It’s getting late, I have to blow dry my hair.

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