Bee Wise

bee wiseWhile Azul and I were playing outside, there was a bee that kept following him. Every time he heard it buzzing around him, he would scream, “Go away bee!” And then run away himself. When he ran back from his safe place, wherever that was, he would ask, “Did you see it?” I did not. This pattern of events repeated a few times. On the last time I replied, “It’s just a bee, swat it. You are much bigger than it is, I’m sure it’s more afraid of you than you are of it.”

In all his five year-old bee wisdom, his wide-eyed response was, “And when it stings you, it’s 100 times stronger!”

We laughed and agreed he was right, swatting the bee was not wise.

One response

  1. Great that he’s bit a swatter. Walk away calmly in a zig zag motion that’s better. The bee has obviously felt a little threatened.

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