awkward george

Yesterday Azul was telling me about some trouble Curious George was getting into on the latest episode, and in the middle of the story he used “air quotes.”

I can’t stand air quotes, almost as much as I can’t stand the over use of the word “literally.” Both of them are unnecessary. If you are quoting someone in a story you usually mention that and there is no use for air quotes, and if you are explaining someone’s actions, you don’t need to say it literally happened. None the less, I got air quoted by my five year-old.

“Did you just air quote me?” I asked, interrupting his story.

“Whaaaat? You mean this?” was his response and he quickly did it again.

With my arms in the air, shaking my head from side to side, with a big smile of my face, I said, “Yeeees!”

While he was getting ready to respond, it was as if everything turned to slow motion. His little fingers were moving into peace signs and he began, “I though it meant…” And up came the peace signs to the side of his head and the slow fold of his fingers. He literally did it again while saying, “Awkward.”

AARRUUGGHHH! Oh it was “awkward!”

One response

  1. Wait. He thought air quotes meant awkward…and used them the describe you?! Soooo awesome.

    Er… “Awesome”

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