Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G String, Baby

G string

Sometimes I am such a ten year-old little boy!

Today at Azul’s guitar lessons, his instructor kept saying, “Put your finger on the G string!” Holding my laugh in every time he said it. This in turn made my eye’s water, and then full-fledged tears started to roll down my checks. I kept my head down, so as not to disturb the more mature people in the room, including my six year-old.

“No, not like that, put your finger on the G STRING.” He now said with emphasis. At this point I am convulsing in my seat trying not to laugh out loud.

“Yeah like that, your finger on the G string. Now, push hard and strum.” BAHAHAHA.

Whew! He got it. My baby was finally able to put his finger on the G string and strum (yes, very impressive). And I for one am glad because I was bordering on peeing my G-string if he didn’t!

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