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Vegas Baby!


This was not Azul’s first trip to Las Vegas, but it was his most memorable. Starting with our early morning flight he kept repeating, “Vegas is better than Hawaii.” We hadn’t even arrived and he already came to that conclusion, a conclusion I didn’t confirm. That was his vacay mantra.

And then … it only got better. When we exited the plane, his six year-old eyes filled with excitement, he looked at all the slots and poker machines flashing and ringing and said, “Wow, see Mommy, Vegas is better than Hawaii!” Next we had lunch, checked-in to our room (which was not all that exciting to him), and hit the strip.

And then … “This is some kind of paradise!” he exclaimed as we walked into Hershey’s World. He left with a tub of Bubble Yum and a huge grin on his gum chewing face, after all, we just visited paradise.

And then … the next day when we hit the strip again, we crossed the street to the M&M and Coke Worlds. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you get your first taste of Coke from a bottle, a bottle that is all yours, it is amazing. Azul has never had a Coke, a few sips from a watered down soda or an “all natural” soda was his only coke-like experience. That place was crazy and he wanted to stay, but since we were unable to make that store our home away from home, we took our Coca-Cola and left.


And then … we walked directly into the M&M store. (I’m sorry, “world,” I was corrected many times by my young Vegas tour guide who has now proclaimed all candy/soda shops “worlds.”) He paused in order to absorb it all. I grabbed his hand and said, “Come on, let’s check it out.” He giggled and replied, “Vegas is better than Hawaii.”

And then … the day Azul was very excited for finally came upon us, we jumped on the Monorail and went to a magic show. His favorite trick was when Mac King asked for a young brave volunteer, Azul did raise his hand but was not picked. By the end of the trick, with anticipation built, the highly skilled magician made a bear (which was a person dressed in a bear costume) jump out of a tent and scare the boy volunteer. To a six year-old boy that was hilarious! At the end of the show Azul met Mac King and got his autograph and in his own words “that was super cool!”


And then … the last day was reserved for Circus Circus.  As we walked up the sidewalk toward the kids’ casino, Azul looked up and said, “I think I’m going to like gambling!” And he was right. From the moment we walked in he was giddy with anticipation, and began jumping up and doing his shooting and karate moves. He just couldn’t help himself, even getting change was exciting! A couple of hours later we left with a large clear plastic bag full of stuffed animals and once again the vacay mantra, “Vegas is better than Hawaii!”


And then … my most memorable moment was when he ordered a “version” strawberry daiquiri. He has always been comfortable in ordering for himself and the new-found love for a “version” was awesome.

And then … I heard the replay of all his favorite moments over and over, making this his most memorable trip to Vegas.

Azulism #18



The fascination of toots and poops for boys (and men in some cases) is absolutely beyond me. This toot/poop sound, for years, has been Azul’s go-to response when he has nothing else to say, it’s also his imaginary hand gun sound when pretending to shoot, and now a staple in his vocabulary. I haven’t really tried to halt this behavior, but I haven’t tried to encourage it either. It has left me confused and slightly entertained.

While sitting at the table last night, this was the dinner music my six year-old provided. It wasn’t the first time he had sung this and I am assuming it’s not going to be the last. And in all fairness, as gross as this is, he did throw in a little bit of politeness. Yuck! He, he, he…

“… gesundheit!”

Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G String, Baby

G string

Sometimes I am such a ten year-old little boy!

Today at Azul’s guitar lessons, his instructor kept saying, “Put your finger on the G string!” Holding my laugh in every time he said it. This in turn made my eye’s water, and then full-fledged tears started to roll down my checks. I kept my head down, so as not to disturb the more mature people in the room, including my six year-old.

“No, not like that, put your finger on the G STRING.” He now said with emphasis. At this point I am convulsing in my seat trying not to laugh out loud.

“Yeah like that, your finger on the G string. Now, push hard and strum.” BAHAHAHA.

Whew! He got it. My baby was finally able to put his finger on the G string and strum (yes, very impressive). And I for one am glad because I was bordering on peeing my G-string if he didn’t!

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