What Do You Get When You Cross a Tree With A Sheep?


Now that Azul is in the first grade, homework is a little more difficult for him, and occasionally more difficult for me to understand. Last night while he was doing his homework and I was doing mine (going through his backpack, finding any stray papers, parental notifications and random permission slips I have to sign), I found something that left me at a loss. This is not a masterpiece created in Art class by my seven year-old, but a photocopy of something they were doing in class or a continuation of a classroom project to be finished at home, I don’t know. I asked Azul what it was and he didn’t know, so … baaaa!

I’m sure the easiest way to solve this would be to simply ask the teacher what it is. There is no way I’m going to do that, that would be embarrassing.

What happened on day 13? The sheep would never have humped the tree? Right? Would that make a treep?!? BAAAA!!!

2 responses

  1. I thought it was a bear. But as to what it’s doing…umm…

    1. A bear humping a tree I could believe!

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