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Game of

Today, is the last day of getting ready for school with my seven year-old and after this morning, I think I’m glad. Like many parents, I am willing to “take one for the team,” if it means encouraging my son’s curiosity, but sometimes I just feel gullible and off my game.

In the bathroom, while I was applying my mascara, mouth stretched to an “O” position and my eyes wide open, Azul said to me, “I’m getting better at karate.”

A nasally “uh, huh,” was all I was able to get out as a response. A standard parental reply when we’re busy and (although many won’t admit it) we just don’t care.

Now, Azul is not registered in karate and I was not aware of any interest, practicing or attempt to improve. I moved on to my lipstick application, oddly moving my mouth to the same place it was before.

“Wanna see?” He kept on.

As soon as the words escaped my mouth, everything turned to slow-motion, “Suuuurrre.” I said, turning toward him.

“Hiii-yaaa!” And I got a karate chop to the arm.

“Ouch! Why did you do that?”

“See, told you I’m getting better.”

With a shrug, he turned and walked away. leaving his opened mouth sensei behind.

So off my game!

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  1. You know…as soon as one becomes a parent, one constantly feels off her game. At least I hope so, because I always do. And I’ll bet that even “off your game” you took that chop like a champ.

    1. LOL and I was able to get my make-up on, even with an injured arm.

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