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Intergalactic Laughter


Bath time now has two new themes, the first is Lush bath bombs and the second is inappropriate conversation. I cherish them both. If you have never tried bath bombs, you should, they smell and look amazing, and are just awesome in every way. And if you have not participated in a dialogue with your child, you should try that as well, kids can be thoroughly entertaining.

This past Bath Night (this is a thing, he has them twice a week whether he needs it or not), Azul my seven year-old tried a new bomb called Intergalactic. It is cool!  Before dissolved, it looks like outer space and then when dissolved in water, it turns the bath a bright blue and has glitter that makes the water looks like it has little stars floating in it.

While in the tub talking about the solar system and planets (that’s not the inappropriate part) I said to my son, “I don’t see Uranus, but I do see your penis.” (That’s when it got entertaining.) And we both laughed!

When the laughter subsided, I asked, “You know why that’s funny, right?”

And of course he did saying, “Yeah, Uranus is in the night sky, but your penis is his cousin!” I don’t care what galaxy you’re from, that’s funny! We both cracked-up again.

This is how it looks, not Uranus or his cousin, but the tub water.


The Naked Truth

Naked Truth

There are some profound words of wisdom shared during bath time at our house. I guess when you are naked there isn’t much you can hide and eventually the truth comes out.

“Girls’ penises are scared,” Azul said in all seriousness.

“I think you might be right,” I replied with teary eyes and a failed attempt at not laughing.

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