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Fully Charged


Like many families these days, we are device dependent. We have our family laptop, Azul has his Kindle (which he has had since he was five), and I of course have my smartphone with me 24/7. We use all of them and sometimes all at the same time. I don’t really have a problem with using technology, I think it’s a useful resource and knowing how to correctly use technology is a skill best learned young. I mean, have you ever tried to teach a grandparent how to login TO ANYTHING!?! Ugh!!! Well, it seems as if my six and a half year-old fully understands the importance of and our dependency on devices.

“If you go to Heaven or Hell, I’ll throw your phone and charger to you so you can call me,” Azul said to me.

“Thank you my love. And thanks for including my charger, that’s something everyone forgets,” I responded to my technologically responsible child.

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