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Minion Egg-citement On Easter!

pic 1

There are so many egg coloring kits to choose from these days, but why not get creative this Easter by making these fun and easy eggs.

What you need:

Hard boiled eggs (see Boiled Egg Perfection)

Yellow and Blue dye

Adhesive wiggle eyes

Non-toxic washable markers

pic 2

Step 1 – Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on preparing the egg dye, which usually includes using a combination of water and vinegar.

pic 3

Step 2 – Dye the top half of each egg yellow by submerging half the egg in the dye. Let the egg dry completely before moving on to the next step.

pic 4

Step 3 – After the first half is dry, flip the egg and repeat Step 2 with the blue dye.

pic 5

Step 4 – Now decide if you are going to have a one eyed or two eyed Minion and apply the adhesive eyes accordingly.

pic 6

Step 5 – Add any additional embellishments (goggles, mouths, etc.) with the markers.

Pic 7

Although it is time-consuming to wait for the eggs to dry, this is a fun project and your kids will love being able to design their very own Minion!

Pic 8

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