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All Your Eggs In One Basket

There is a lot of egg talk these days … it’s the season, I get it, it’s Easter. But, I never expected the egg conversation I had with my post-bath, naked eight year-old.

He approached me with a quizzical look on his face and his package in his hand. Yes, keeping track of that thing, as if it’s going to get lost, is a habit that starts young. He continued by asking, “In these two things is what makes a baby?” Oh no, not right now … 

I gulped and answered, “Yes, those are your testicles and they make what helps in making a baby. Stay calm.

“So, these are my eggs?” Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh.

“No, women have eggs, you have sperm.” Whew that was an easy one. I got this. 

If I have two of them, does that mean I’ll have two babies?” Oh, my! I wonder if he thinks men that have six kids have six testicles? Or one kid with one?

“No, your body will make millions of sperm in your life time.” Why is this conversation not coming to an end?

“Ohhhh!?!” He blankly stared at me, then turned and left empty-handed.

Minion Egg-citement On Easter!

pic 1

There are so many egg coloring kits to choose from these days, but why not get creative this Easter by making these fun and easy eggs.

What you need:

Hard boiled eggs (see Boiled Egg Perfection)

Yellow and Blue dye

Adhesive wiggle eyes

Non-toxic washable markers

pic 2

Step 1 – Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on preparing the egg dye, which usually includes using a combination of water and vinegar.

pic 3

Step 2 – Dye the top half of each egg yellow by submerging half the egg in the dye. Let the egg dry completely before moving on to the next step.

pic 4

Step 3 – After the first half is dry, flip the egg and repeat Step 2 with the blue dye.

pic 5

Step 4 – Now decide if you are going to have a one eyed or two eyed Minion and apply the adhesive eyes accordingly.

pic 6

Step 5 – Add any additional embellishments (goggles, mouths, etc.) with the markers.

Pic 7

Although it is time-consuming to wait for the eggs to dry, this is a fun project and your kids will love being able to design their very own Minion!

Pic 8

My Easter Duck!


Easter is right around the corner and of course the Easter Bunny is set up at the mall. As we stood in line for our annual picture, it reminded me of this…

From May 13, 2013

Oh, the dreaded question this morning, “Mommy where’s your pee-pee?”

My standard answerer did not satisfy Azul’s curiosity, “Girl’s pee-pees are inside and boy’s pee-pees are outside.”

With a smile, he replied, “Let me see?” “No!” I said in a panic, “We’ll get a book!”

He was quiet for a second or two and then said, “When you take a picture with the Easter Bunny, that’s not the real Easter Bunny is it?”

Whew! Dodged that one!

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