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Kids are the best.


I am done! Today has been rough and I am feeling beyond maxed out. All I want is to go to bed, curl up in the fetal position with my eyes closed and end this day. But, I still have my parental duties to attend to, so I push myself with the last of my sanity to get our bedtime routine completed; PJs on, teeth brushed, books read and blankets tucked.

We say our final “good night,” “sweet dreams,” and with an “I love you” the evening’s last kisses are given. I head to the door, grab the doorknob, turn my head back one final time to glow of the nightlight and hear my six year-old say to me in a whispered voice, “I like you as my mommy.”

With a sigh and watery eyes, I reply, “I like me as your mommy too.”

One sweet tender display of endearment from my son brought me back from my taxing day and at that point all I was thinking was kids are the best.

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