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If you’re looking for me…


If you're looking for me...

And you can’t get a hold of me on Facebook (Carmelina Hart), I’m probably on Twitter (@carmelinahart), if I’m not there try Ello (@carmelinahart), or else LinkedIn (Carmelina Hart), or I could be on Google+ (Carmelina Hart), if not, I’m most definitely on WordPress (carmelinahart.com), or check Instagram (CARMELINAHART), and if all else fails send me a quick Snapchat (carmelinahart) at least I can look at you for a few seconds!

Thanks :p

Azulism #10

Two of Azul’s favorites are “Googling” things on the computer and “Bad Guys.” When you put them together, you inevitably get this question:

“How do¬†you Google…?”


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