Hard Pill to Swallow

My seasonal, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall allergies have been killing me! I really hate taking anything, but I can’t take it anymore, everything itches and I feel like pulling my eyeballs out and scrubbing them until they feel better. Well, this afternoon I opted for a pillBenadryl instead and laid down on the couch. I turned on the TV for some noise and Azul was playing with his Legos on the coffee table, so everything was under control. I was going in and out of consciousness without really falling asleep and I could hear Azul playing and going in and out of the house through the back door. Last thing I remember was him saying, “Can I go next door to play with Nadia?” I asked, “Is Gilda there and does she know you’re coming over?” He said Nadia’s mom knew, so I said he could. This gave me a chance to get some rest. Yay! When I woke up 30 minutes later, I felt awesome and went to the backyard to see what the neighbors were doing. Gilda, Nadia and Azul were all playing and having a good time. I started talking to Nadia’s mom and was informed that Azul had said, “My mommy popped a bunch pills and fell asleep, can I come over a play?” Oh my!!!!!!!

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