The Force is Strong with This One

Much like Jerry Seinfeld, some of my best conversations happen in the car. So, in the car, on the way to Gram’s, we saw a “Cash for Gold” sign and Azul asked what it said. I explained what getting cash for gold was and he excitedly exclaimed, “Wow! I hope I find treasure on the beach, and gold diamonds. Then I’ll take it there and get cash!”  I don’t know what gold diamonds are or why the beach, but I enthusiastically responded, “That would be awesome!” And then asked, “How much do you think you’ll get?” He took a couple of seconds. “A hundred dollars. That would be a lot!” I followed up with, “What would you do with a hundred dollars?” Immediately, with a big smile on his face and his hands in the air, he yelled from the back seat, “Crazy! Buy Star Wars Legos of course!” I laughed, of course.


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