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Diversity In Toys

“Diversity is a part of life; we’re all different, no one is exactly the same.”


Parenting 411: Diversity in Toys


Built To Last

I am proud to say I am still a Lego Mom.

lego moms

From January 31, 2014

Lego Mom

lego club

Pregnancy does a crazy thing to a person. All of your thoughts, ideas, and worries turn into irrational fears. And my irrational fears, or “crazies,” at times have been a little misguided. One of my fears when I found out I was going to be a mom was eventually having that position turn into being a Soccer Mom! The stereotypical image of wearing gym clothes in public, with my hair cut in an asymmetrical bob, driving an SUV and screaming at my child every Saturday, while he was running across a grassy field and I ate chips, sounded like a nightmare to me. Of course like all fears, I exaggerated this to the umpteenth degree, and not to mention the hormones flowing through my newly pregnant body like a dam had broken, it scared me!

Now, in order to compensate for my “crazies,” I focused on it, repeated it, and constantly made fun of myself about it. I guess it’s kind of like following the instructions on a Shampoo bottle: rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat; and that’s what I did, believing the more I repeated it, I would be able to cleanse myself from my thoughts (I will say I have always done this — even before I was a parent. True or not, this just seems like the best way for me to deal with things). So for years I said that my only fear of being a parent was someday I would have to be a Soccer Mom. Rinse, repeat.

Well, five years later I got soap in my eyes!

In the mail we received one of those super glossy, extra-large post card advertisements for the local indoor soccer field. They were soliciting for their “little kickers” group which is the beginning class for soccer. Not even thinking about it, I asked Azul, “You want to join a kid’s soccer team and play soccer?” Azul looked at me like I was crazy, rolled his eyes and said, “Ugh! I thought you wanted to be a Lego Mom not a Soccer Mom!” Rinse, rinse, rinse!

All I could think was, Well, I guess I have said that a time or two before. I replied, “Good call my love, I forgot. Thank you for keeping me on track!” Azul is a card-carrying member of the local Lego Club, but sometimes I still think, My hair wouldn’t look so bad in a bob!

The Force is Strong with This One

Much like Jerry Seinfeld, some of my best conversations happen in the car. So, in the car, on the way to Gram’s, we saw a “Cash for Gold” sign and Azul asked what it said. I explained what getting cash for gold was and he excitedly exclaimed, “Wow! I hope I find treasure on the beach, and gold diamonds. Then I’ll take it there and get cash!”  I don’t know what gold diamonds are or why the beach, but I enthusiastically responded, “That would be awesome!” And then asked, “How much do you think you’ll get?” He took a couple of seconds. “A hundred dollars. That would be a lot!” I followed up with, “What would you do with a hundred dollars?” Immediately, with a big smile on his face and his hands in the air, he yelled from the back seat, “Crazy! Buy Star Wars Legos of course!” I laughed, of course.


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