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Hard Pill to Swallow

My seasonal, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall allergies have been killing me! I really hate taking anything, but I can’t take it anymore, everything itches and I feel like pulling my eyeballs out and scrubbing them until they feel better. Well, this afternoon I opted for a pillBenadryl instead and laid down on the couch. I turned on the TV for some noise and Azul was playing with his Legos on the coffee table, so everything was under control. I was going in and out of consciousness without really falling asleep and I could hear Azul playing and going in and out of the house through the back door. Last thing I remember was him saying, “Can I go next door to play with Nadia?” I asked, “Is Gilda there and does she know you’re coming over?” He said Nadia’s mom knew, so I said he could. This gave me a chance to get some rest. Yay! When I woke up 30 minutes later, I felt awesome and went to the backyard to see what the neighbors were doing. Gilda, Nadia and Azul were all playing and having a good time. I started talking to Nadia’s mom and was informed that Azul had said, “My mommy popped a bunch pills and fell asleep, can I come over a play?” Oh my!!!!!!!

Pussy Control

Initially when I looked like this…

summer2013 009

I wanted to start this entry with, “I hate my cat,” but many things have changed in the past few weeks.

We have had a cat for more than a year and Azul loves her, he picked her and even picked her name, Eddie. I have had a very different relationship with her. First, I am severely allergic to her, which is why I look like the picture posted. Eddie is a beautiful long haired orange tabby, who sheds A LOT! I have had her groomed many times to get the excess hair off of her, I have rubbed a solution I got from the Vet on her to ease my allergy and I have resorted to having her shaved. Which was by far the cruelest thing, at that point, I had done to her. She looked awful without hair; well, she did have hair on her legs from her knees down, so she looked like she was naked and wearing Ugg Boots. Second, she has a piercing meow and she prefers to exercise her voice early in the morning, while we are trying to sleep. Although it is irritating, it is a little easier to deal with than the other things. Finally, she of course scratches. My furniture! She has the scratching post, floor mat and even sprays that I used to try to train her not to scratch my furniture. She has ruined two chairs and started in on the couch — this is where I drew the line. I took her to get caps on her little fabric ripping tools. She rebelled and ripped them off, so the fight was on, and I would replace them. This pattern went on for months and I was desperate, so I resorted to torture. I made an appointment with the Vet, left her there for a couple of days and she returned a changed cat. I didn’t want to do it and I feel a little bad about it, but having her claws removed is the best thing I could have done. I’m still allergic, but no more scratching, and the pre-sunrise calls have ended. Last night she finally sat on my lap and decided to be my friend again. I won the war and our little Eddie Girl is the sweetest thing around.

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