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Getting The Kids Moving

Sometimes it’s hard to get your kids in the car and moving when they are engaged in other activities, but it has to be done. Make travel easy on yourself by bringing the activity along for the ride.

Parenting 411: Getting the Kids Moving

Summer Talk

This week was Azul’s last week of Pre-school and for some crazy emotional Mommy reason it has come to a bittersweet end for me. My baby is going to all-day Kindergarten next year and I’m having some unexpected troubles with it.

We have done the new “big boy” school visit and went through registration, granted I was almost in tears that night after I put him to bed, thinking about how big he is getting. But, in front of him, I have been the shining example of support for my five year-old’s next big step! He is ready and excited and I am a little scared!

There are things I am NOT going to miss about Pre-school, like these little devils that haunt every room in my house! The playground woodchips are in my carpet, couches and I even find them in the beds sometimes.


With Azul’s new school being only five minutes away, the one thing I am going to miss is our twenty-minute commute. We have some of the best conversations in the morning. This has become private time for us and no one else, time where just the two of us can be together and laugh. Today’s conversation consisted of talk about what we were going to do during Summer Break. This is just a slice of our morning commute.

I’m glad we have all summer to hang out and talk, but first ManiPedis!

Head in the Clouds

It was a rare morning commute, when all three of us, Azul, my husband and I were traveling together. Usually we say our good-byes in the garage and go our separate ways, regrouping in the evening. Like most commutes, Azul and I were as chatty as ever, I’m sure ruining my husband’s normally quiet drive. It had lightly snowed overnight and was a mostly cloudy morning. While driving we had a perfect view of the Sandia mountains east of the city.

sky pie

“Look at how pretty the clouds look over the mountains!” I pointed out to Azul. He, recognizing their beauty said, “They look like waves crashing over the mountains!” I continued, “Yeah, or whipped cream!” We looked at each other, he was licking his lips and rubbing his hands together, saying “Whipped cream sky pie! Yum, yum!” I agreed with an enthusiastic, “Mmmmm!”

Azul continued, “If we were walking on the mountains we would be in the clouds.” Out of nowhere, we heard another voice in the truck join in the conversation. “We wouldn’t be able to see much,” Alan added. Azul, of course, was the first to respond, shaking his head with his hands in the air. “Are you kidding me,” he said. “We wouldn’t be able to see anything!” Then, we were all clouded by laughter!

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