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Fish Kisses For Valentine’s Day!

Fish 1

Something is fishy this year for Valentine’s Day, and your kids and the “school” are going to love it! And really, so will you because it is super easy and cute.

What you need:

Goldfish crackers
Colored card stock or paper
Treat bags with ties
A Writing utensil and Scissors
Template for the fishbowl cards

Fish 2

Step 1 – Print out the fishbowl cards on colored paper using the template below. Yup, super easy!

Fish 8 School Valentine Template

Step 2 – Have your child cut out each fishbowl. It doesn’t need to be perfectly cut out, after all they are just kids.

Fish 3

Step 3 – Now your child can write “To and From” on them. We wrote the names on the back. It was just easier that way.

Fish 4

Step 4 – Insert the cards into the treat bags and have your child fill them with a handful of Goldfish. Their little hands are the perfect size for a kids-sized snack!

Fish 5

Step 5 – Secure the bags with a twist tie. You are done.

Fish 7

I love the simplicity of these cards and who doesn’t love a good fish story.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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