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In A Flash!


There are moments in my day when I am not entertaining my six year-old constant companion and he is able to flourish in his own imagination all by himself. As much as I love play time, these are the periods every parent looks forward to and I am no different. And to any new parents, don’t worry, it will happen, and when it does it is glorious!

So, while Azul was in his room playing and dinner was in the oven, I had one of those glorious moments. I was sitting on the couch just decompressing from the day (yes, I mean having a drink), when all of a sudden he ran into the room. He stood in front of me, shoulders back in a proud display and proclaimed, “You should have named me Flash because I am very fast!” and then exited as quickly as he had entered.

Huh!?! That was fast, maybe I should’ve named him Flash.

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