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Azulism #18



The fascination of toots and poops for boys (and men in some cases) is absolutely beyond me. This toot/poop sound, for years, has been Azul’s go-to response when he has nothing else to say, it’s also his imaginary hand gun sound when pretending to shoot, and now a staple in his vocabulary. I haven’t really tried to halt this behavior, but I haven’t tried to encourage it either. It has left me confused and slightly entertained.

While sitting at the table last night, this was the dinner music my six year-old provided. It wasn’t the first time he had sung this and I am assuming it’s not going to be the last. And in all fairness, as gross as this is, he did throw in a little bit of politeness. Yuck! He, he, he…

“… gesundheit!”

Sometimes, six year-olds bug!

fly gnat bug

Azul and I were having our ritualistic after school conversation, “How was your day? Good. How was yours? Good.” Then I told him I had swallowed some gnats while I was biking earlier that day. There were gnats everywhere! Some people were even wearing masks to keep the little bits of protein out of their system. And to be fair, I didn’t swallow them all, I snorted two of them right up my nose. Charlie Sheen might call that “winning!”

Well, his six year-old response of course was in song, “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly!” And then he couldn’t stop laughing and singing, over and over. It was as if this was the funniest thing he had ever said in his entire life. Are you kidding me?! Ugh!

He wasn’t grossed out or even excited about eating bugs, he went straight to making fun of me! I don’t know where he gets that from.

After the initial shock of being called an old lady subsided, I was able to appreciate the joke, which was actually super funny! I do know where he gets that from.

Not funny ha, ha, just a little funny.

I have felt overly sentimental with the death of my Grandmother, a feeling I don’t deal with well. But, a constant is now gone. It seems odd to me that I am being so emotional about a woman who never was. She was the funny one, the fun one, and those of us in the family who are funny, and we know who we are, got it from her. She showed us how to laugh out loud and taught us how to laugh with others as well as at ourselves. I just can’t laugh today off because I realize how much more I am like her than not.

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