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That’s Messed Up!

That's Messed Up!

Azul and I recently went to our local Public Library for one of the summer programs they offer for kids. The summer programs are awesome, when you sign up you get a reading log and are awarded prizes for reading when you bring in your log. In addition to the reading and prizes, they also provide weekly family friendly entertainment; we’ve seen magicians, story tellers and musicians. On this particular day they had a musician, singing and playing his guitar. My six year-old was quite impressed with his musical abilities, being a budding guitar player himself.

The performer’s name was Andy Mason and the songs he sang are silly and age appropriate, usually requiring participation from the young audience. The kids were having a BLAST! Azul loved it until there came a song called “My hair had a party last night.” He was good until the part where everyone was supposed to mess up their hair, Azul was having none of that.

Sitting in the back of the room, I was watching him and knew he wouldn’t mess up his hair on purpose. While all the other kids were going crazy with their “partying hair,” Azul gently stroked his hair into place. As much as I wanted to bust out laughing, I just giggled through the rest of the song.

At the end of the song, Andy Mason said, “You can always tell the princesses who don’t want to mess up their hair.” Oh, my! That put a stop to my giggling.

After the show, Azul stayed after to talk to him, compliment his performance and get his card. As we walked out the large glass double doors of the Library he turned to me and said, “I was NOT going to mess up my hair. Not after I spent time combing it this morning.”

Now that made me bust out laughing!

See you at the library. http://abclibrary.org/summerreading

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


The funny thing about motherhood is that it changes so much of your life, but in some ways it keeps you stuck in a rut. Your emotions change, your body changes, and life as you know it, changes. Everything is different and even the changes are consistently changing too. One thing that hadn’t changed for me, was my hair.

The last time I had significantly refashioned my hair was when I was pregnant. I fell for the false theory that short hair is easier to care for by new moms who now have a baby slung to their chests and have less time to be worried about their appearance. Wrong! I still made the time in my day to style my now short hair, just as I did my long hair. During pregnancy my hair was growing rapidly due to the hormones having a heyday in my system, ten inches were removed and donated to Locks of Love, again prompted by the hormones. Just thinking about children having to deal with cancer would bring me to tears.

Well, I haven’t been pregnant for seven years and for the last several years I have been wearing my hair long, maybe the longest since I was a little girl, and I have been afraid of cutting it. I don’t know why. I really need to cut my hair.

When I turned forty I decided I couldn’t cut it then because I’M FORTY! And I didn’t want it to become my “midlife crisis hairdo,” so I immediately came to the conclusion that forty and forty-five were off-limits for cutting my hair. Both of those ages seemed to be the stereotypical midlife crisis ages. With that line of thinking, I knew forty-two was the right age for me to get out of my hair rut. So, I kicked the midlife crisis can down the road.

Forty-two really is a good age, you’re no longer uncomfortable with facing the fourth decade of your life, it’s a confident age, a comfortable time and still closer to forty than forty-five. Whew. Well, I am anxiously seven months into my “comfortable age” and my hair has not changed. Until now.

My almost twelve inches will again go to Locks of Love and I figured if Jared Leto could do it, so could I.


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