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Horror Story

horror story

Occasionally when my seven year-old and I are playing, I like to sneak around the corner and hide. When he comes looking for me I jump out and scare him. He screams, I scream and it’s fun.

Azul was reminiscing, telling a story about me, his sweet innocent loving mother, being scary (that’s really more like it). Using his advanced vocabulary he chose the most frightening word he could use. “Horror” was how he described me.

“Mommy, you’re a whore!” Of course my first instinct was a terror, did I really hear what I thought I heard, and then laughter, because really, denial never works.

I did like his word choice, so I countered as clearly as I could, emphasizing the two Rs.

“It’s hor-ror.”

“I know, whore.”

The horror story was in full-effect, both of us giggling through wide eyes. Azul doesn’t know why, so he repeats himself for being rewarded with laughter.


“It’s horror.”

“I know! You’re a whore.”

Him scaring me was just as fun as me scaring him.

Celebrate Summer

Sunshine Play Dough

We’re already deep into pool days and water balloons, but we only officially just got into summer. What does that mean? Summer Solstice marks the fist day of summer. It’s the longest day of the year. These projects will guarantee fun from the start of the Summer Solstice to the end of the season!

Sunshine Play Dough

Kids love playing with play dough, and making it is just as much fun as playing with it, so make some Sunshine Play Dough. There is a secret ingredient you must use, to make the dough last longer, cream of tartar.

Play DoughWhat you need:
1 cup hot water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
yellow food coloring
1 cup flour

Stir together all ingredients, except the flour, until smooth.
Add the flour and knead dough.
Store in an air tight container or plastic bag.


Sunny Snacks

These fun to eat sun shaped snacks will be a huge hit with your kids. The pineapple and strawberry combination tastes delicious and the skewers mimic a popsicle, so it’s easy to eat. If you are looking for a cooler treat, just stick them in the freezer for a couple of hours, voila fresh fruit popsicle.

SnacksWhat you need:
Pineapple rings
Safe skewers

Remove the outer skin of the pineapple and core.
Slice the pineapple to create rings.
Cut the tops off the strawberries.
Place a strawberry in the center of a pineapple ring.
Gently slide a skewer through the fruit.



Clock in an all day project with this home-made instrument which marks the time by the shadow it creates. After making the sundial, place it in a place that will get full sun all day. Let your kids mark the shadows throughout the day, every hour or two. As a parent, it is awesome to see their amazement when they realize they made a clock.

Sundial summerWhat you need:
Circular wooden base
Pipe floor flange with screws
Threaded pipe

Secure the floor flange in the center of the base with screws.
Screw the pipe in the connector.
Place in a sunny spot that will get full sun all day.
Mark the shadow your sundial creates with chalk throughout the day.


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It’s Time To Plan For Summer!

Yes, although it is only March, now is the time to register your kids for their Summer Programs.


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