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Bridging The Gap


Now as a mother, I am enamored with the ability children have to learn. They are able to take separate concepts and join them together to create some kind of understanding by relating one thing to another. And once this collection of knowledge is formed by association, the possibilities to comprehend seem endless.

This morning Azul inquisitively asked, “Why do we have this thing between our two eyeballs and over our nose?” while touching his face.

“You know what that’s called between your two eyeballs, don’t you?” Sometimes I answer his questions with a question, I want him to be able to make the connection himself.

“What?” A typical six year-old response, he still wanted my answer.

“The bridge, it’s the bridge of your nose,” I finally replied.

“Oh,” he paused, “Then I bet the eyes are called lakes!” he excitedly stated, using his knowledge to make it come together.

“That is very logical,” I said, sounding kind of Spock-like, and then, “It makes sense to me!” sounding much more mom-like. The conversation continued as to why we have a nasal bridge, and together we laughed at each other and with each other, bridging the gap between each other.

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