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Diversity In Toys

“Diversity is a part of life; we’re all different, no one is exactly the same.”


Parenting 411: Diversity in Toys


Family Gift Giving

Make gift giving easy on yourself, find a fun gift for the whole family to play.


Super Simple, Super Cute Pumpkin Snacks!

Pumpkin Snacks 1

This is one of the easiest and most awe-inspiring snacks for kids.

What you need: 

Seedless clementines


A knife

Told you it was easy!

Pumpkin Snacks 2

Step 1 – Peel the clementines leaving them whole. This is the body of your pumpkin.

Step 2 – Wash and cut the celery lengthwise and then cut them into three-inch pieces. These are the stems.

Step 3 – Gently push the stems into the top of the pumpkin, allowing them to stick out about an inch or two.

Step 4 – Done.

Pumpkin Snacks 3

I’m warning you now, you will become the envy of other parents and “that mom that always brings the best snacks” after this project.

Happy October!

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