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Kid Questions

Water is everywhere!

As parents, we get a lot of kid questions and some have an automatic answer, the replies you don’t even think about, you just say. Then, occasionally, there are the questions you give a second thought to, the ones which piqued your interests and you think, Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water … at least not yet.

The question posed by my eight year-old, that opened the flood gates was, “Is there any chance, I can put my mouth directly under the water on the frig to drink it?” Of course, he was talking about the water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator door and as responsible parents, we all know the answer to that. 

In quickly reviewing his “chances” in my head, my immediate answer, “There is no chance.”  Then like a flash flood, without warning, I jumped up and said, “Okay, but let me push the button!” I continued, “It’s all about angles. Watch the water and think about where it’s going to go, that’s where you have to place your mouth.”

I think he figured it out!


I Pick You To Be My Valentine


Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because we (okay, mostly me) love to make cards for Azul’s class. The ritual of actually making cards, came from his pre-school teacher when he was three. Her instructions were to make the cards and the entire family had to take part. Store-bought cards were allowed. So, not wanting to get in trouble with the pre-school teacher (you know how snotty they can be), we did as we were told and five years later, we still are.

This year’s project took some convincing and a little begging, things were thrown around like, “It’s the second grade, it’s not that gross, it’s funny, it’s just a play on words, come on, laugh, there’s candy” and then finally, “you won’t get an infraction, but if you do, I’ll tell the teacher it was my idea.” I used everything I had and succeeded, my eight year-old finally broke and we made the cards I wanted …

I pick you to be my Valentine, is this year’s theme.

pick-you-valentine-1What you’ll need:

Bag of gummy boogers Candy, don’t be gross!


Glue stick

Card sock and Printer (If you print them yourself,  like we did.)

Really, it’s not much!

Step 1) We took a few pictures with different expressions, while he held his hand next to his shoulder and his index finger pointing up. And he picked the one he wanted to use.

pick-you-valentine-2Step 2) I used a picture app to write the saying on the picture to complete the card.pick-you-valentine-3

Step 3) We printed the cards at about 5” x 6” two to each sheet of paper and cut them to size. You can also have them printed fairly inexpensively at places like Costcopick-you-valentine-4Step 4) He wrote the names of each of his friends in class, on the back of the cards.pick-you-valentine-5

Step 5) Then he glued each small bag of gummy boogers to the tip of his finger on the card. I promise, it was glue!pick-you-valentine-6

Step 6) We let them dry overnight.pick-you-valentine-7Azul, not wanting to get in trouble for being a little snot, decided to pick one for the teacher too. Good call!

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